If so, you're in the right place.

Let's play pretend for a moment.

I want you to imagine how your life would be different if:

-> You showed up every day as the best version of yourself - confidently making decisions, taking care of your physical and mental health and following through on the actions you say you will take

-> You had a gameplan that worked to help you cope with all the challenges in your life...struggles such as lacking the clarity about what you truly want in life and always feeling like you don't have enough...enough money, enough time, enough calm in your life.

-> You finally got out of your own way and started getting the results you want out of life - including healthier relationships with yourself and others, a calmer mind and work you actually felt like getting out of bed to do each day

This transformation is totally possible for you when you invest in YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN

FYI: This course is unlike any other you have ever invested in in the past.

YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN is the most comprehensive course designed to help you gain clarity on what you actually want your life to look like and set that into motion.



-> You're tired of just existing and going through the motions of your day: waking up, going to work, coming home, feeling exhausted, landing on the couch and repeating that cycle day after day.

-> You have a pit in your stomach every night when you go to bed because you're secretly dissatisfied with your life. As you lay your head on your pillow, you wonder if there could be more out there for you because you're secretly afraid THIS IS IT... AND IS THIS WHAT MY FUTURE WILL LOOK LIKE TOO?

-> You constantly make yourself feel inadequate and beat yourself up about by dwelling on negative thoughts. You overthink and doubt the things you want to do, despite knowing what you need to do to make changes happen.

Did you say yes to any or all of the above?

If so, you're in exactly the right place!




Here are a few things that will happen when you make this investment:

🤍 You'll finally recognize and let go of all the crappy things holding you back in life, like unfulfilling relationships, soul-sucking work and a constantly empty bank account.

🤍 You will know that not only is your self-doubt, guilt, fear, confusion and overwhelm completely normal, but you'll also know how to shift out of this negative state when these feelings come up for you.

🤍 You'll stop giving yourself excuses as to why you can't and you will start taking action to work on improving your relationships, your money, your health and the way that you see yourself even when it feels hard

🤍You'll be willing and able to face your fears of change by embracing courage you find within.


It can be hard to achieve real constructive change without the support of someone guiding you along the way.

If you've ever tried to change or improve your life in the past on your own and it didn't work out like you hoped it would, it is time to do something different and invest in YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN.

Thankfully I have a process that will make this change simple for you




Here's the truth:

If you want to create change in your life, you need to be willing to do something different.

You need to be open to the possibility that change is possible for you (because it is).

You need to make a DECISION today to embrace THE CHOICE to stop living a half-assed, blah-blah life and commit to actually becoming the person you were meant to be, even if you don't know who that is yet.

Remember life is not a dress rehearsal. THIS IS IT.

I genuinely want you to live life in a way that when you reach the end of your years, you feel as if you LIVED LIFE WELL instead of squandering your precious time and gifts.




When you finally begin to show up as the best version of yourself, you will have:

MORE Confidence & Courage

MORE Productivity, Focus & Intention

MORE Self-Love, Grace & Calm

MORE Taking More Responsibility For Your Life


LESS Procrastination And Excuses

LESS Blaming And Pointing Fingers At Others

LESS Less Caring What Anyone Else Thinks (Because You're Too Busy Focused On Your Journey)






YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN was created with one vision in mind - to help YOU finally live life with MORE intention, calm and purpose and LESS stress, regret and overwhelm.

After decades of working in the personal development field, as a life coach with a degree in psychology, I have incorporated all of the most effective coaching tools and resources here in this course.

Put simply, YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN is the quickest tool to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT IS YET.

Be ready to say hello to:

🤍 A clear and calm mind, even when life feels like a sh#t show.

🤍 No longer allowing “but I don’t feel like it” to stop you from taking action

🤍 Knowing how to embracing all of the feelings you encounter as a normal human being and how to shift the ones that are uncomfortable for you to feel

🤍 Making change happen regardless of what the people around you are doing, saying or thinking. (You will FINALLY stop asking people around you to change in order for yourself to be happy.)

🤍 Knowing that you have your own back, no matter what happens in life



Here's exactly how this course will help you achieve these results...


Module 1: Getting To Know You Version 2.0

Clearly define your Version 2.0 so that you know exactly where your life is heading and what you're doing to make it happen

Module 2: The Armor You Need For Your Own Life

Learn how to protect yourself and your energy, despite all the different seasons in life and normal challenges happening in the world around you

Module 3: Mastering Life Stuff

Take back control of your life, eliminate time-wasters and solve any problem that comes your way so that you can show up in your life with certainty and purpose

Module 4: The Stuff You Need To Ditch ASAP

Get clarity on the things you are currently doing in your life that are stopping you from getting the results you want in life

Module 5: The Stuff You Need To Embrace ASAP

Discover the things that will take you from Point A to Point Z in the quickest way possible. These are the actions you need to take to create change in your life.

Module 6: Designing A Life You Love

Implement small baby changes that when put together will have a BIG impact in creating a life you actually look forward to waking up and living each day



Get started now!



This is exactly why we have included plenty of amazing bonus freebies for you with this course.

In addition to the YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN core modules you will find carefully hand-selected bonuses to support you FOR LIFE.

Cue a happy dance!

This section of the course will be your go-to coaching reference library whenever you need expert guidance to help keep your invisible crown firmly balanced onto your head.






Inside this bonus section you will find coaching guides, workbooks, checklists and roadmaps so that you can:

🤍 Develop stronger relationships no matter how screwed up they are

🤍 Create a fitness plan that works for you, no matter how much time you have

🤍 Learn how to focus your time so that you're only doing the things that matter

🤍 Boost your confidence so that you can take action rather than just think about taking action

🤍 Organize your time and space, so that it reflects your priorities in life

🤍 And so much more...






Inside this bonus section you will find coaching guides, workbooks, checklists and roadmaps so that you can:

🤍 Clearly pinpoint your amazingness so that you feel unstoppable in life

🤍 Banish negative self talk so that your inner voice supports you like your BFF would

🤍 Communicate assertively so that you aren't afraid to ask for what you want

🤍 Shift your thinking from doubt to confidence so that you can confidently tackle any problem or obstacle

🤍 Improve your health so that you feel better about yourself both inside and out

🤍 And so much more...






Inside this bonus section you will find coaching guides, workbooks, checklists and roadmaps so that you can:

🤍 Create a 5 Year Plan so that you know exactly where you're heading in life

🤍 Identify what actually motivates you so that you can tap into these tools when you need a lift

🤍 Develop good habits that you automatically do without thinking too much about it

🤍 Learn from your mistakes so that none of your negative experiences go to waste

🤍 Master the art of SMART goals so that you no longer struggle with goals that feel overwhelming or impossible-to-reach

🤍 And so much more...




Inside this bonus section you will find coaching guides, workbooks, checklists and roadmaps so that you can:

🤍 Think more positively in life and turn around any "bad" situation

🤍 Create more positive relationships with your loved ones so that you eliminate any unnecessary fighting

🤍 Practice mindfulness so that you can stay focused on the task at hand

🤍 Recognize your triggers so that you know what to do when they appear

🤍 Discover how to make the most out of difficult situations so that there's no experience you feel like you can't deal with

🤍 And so much more...




Inside this bonus section you will find coaching guides, workbooks, checklists and roadmaps so that you can:

🤍 Recognize self-sabotaging behavior and promptly nip it in the bud

🤍 Develop a success mindset so that you can say goodbye to scarcity thinking

🤍 Brainstorm a clear plan for your future career so that you do the work you love

🤍 Embrace a growth mindset so that you are continually evolving into a person you would love to be

🤍 Develop leadership skills so that you don't automatically default to being a follower

🤍 And so much more...




Are you ready to say yes to change my friend?

It's time to say yes to SHOWING UP AS THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, even if you aren't quite sure what this looks like to you yet

Here's why - YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN is a course that will support you every day for the rest of your life.

Valued at $2000, this course includes simple, easy-to-implement lessons and tools so that you live a more peaceful life of ease.

I believe in this content so much that if you go through the course, do all the work and still find it hasn't shifted your attitude into a more positive gear, I will offer you a full refund.


Get started now!



YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN aims to stop the overwhelming thoughts happening in your mind so that you can be the strongest version of yourself possible.

This course will change how you look at and carry yourself throughout your life as you navigate the world.

When you learn how to think differently, get clear on your vision and take baby steps every day to make it happen your life will change.

In a nutshell, your life will become whatever you think and expect it to be.

It's time to live life with your invisible crown firmly placed on your head (where it belongs).



This course is for you if:


Deep down you know you are worthy.

You also know you need to do something DIFFERENT in order to achieve DIFFERENT results BUT YOU CAN'T GET YOURSELF TO DO IT.

YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN will finally help you get from YOU VERSION 1.0 to the very best version of yourself
- a new and improved stronger-than-ever-before mindset that will serve you well for life.



That's me - Frances Vidakovic, a certified life coach with a degree in psychology, CEO of two award-winning websites and host of the INSPIRING LIFE SCHOOL podcast.

I want you to know that you CAN be where you are right now - any age, any financial circumstance, any relationship status and with any dream - and still have success with YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN.

Here’s what my before picture looked like (before I created and implemented the tools you will find inside YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN). I was:

  • ✖️ Constantly doubting my purpose and ability to achieve my dreams
  • ✖️ Showing up as a crappy version in myself with my husband, my kids, my friends because I was secretly frustrated that I wasn’t making the best use of my time and potential here on Earth
  • ✖️ Staying in a “nice” job for way longer than necessary because I was too scared to break free, even though I would complain to anyone who would listen about how I needed to leave
  • ✖️ Having this discontent seep into other areas of my life like my health (hello chocolate, maybe you can help me feel better!) which resulted in a 7 kilo weight gain
  • ✖️ Watching the years pass by without any change…because I wasn’t actually getting up off my ass to make those changes happen

Fast forward to today and my gosh I feel like totally a different person. Some of the changes include:

  • 🤍 Leaving that comfy job to start my own business where I help women manage their time, life and mind better so they too can live life without regret (which I’ve been doing now for the last 4 years).

  • 🤍 Saying goodbye to those extra seven kilos and falling in love with yoga and the gym (seriously I never thought that was possible for me).

  • 🤍 Learning to show up in life in a way I love NO MATTER HOW OTHER PEOPLE ACT AROUND ME. Seriously, my hubby can be grumpy, my kids can be rude, my parents can say whatever they like, and I still will show up in a way I love (with calm and compassion) because I have learned to manage my mind well.
  • 🤍 Nurturing EVEN BETTER relationships with everyone in my life, especially with my kids and my partner because WHEN I STARTED SHOWING UP DIFFERENT IN THIS WORLD the dynamics of all my relationships changed too.
  • 🤍 Basically I feel like I take NOTHING FOR GRANTED ANYMORE. I know it's up to me to make the changes happen in my life and I know I'm fully equipped to make them happen too. Life truly is so freaking amazing when you start to show up as the best version of yourself in life.

Maybe some of my crappy before picture sounds familiar to you too.

If so, remember I have been in your shoes before.

Inside YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN, I will show you exactly how to get out of your own way and start living life with > A MINDSET AND ATTITUDE THAT FEELS INVINCIBLE <.

All the lessons in this course is how I was able to go from always feeling discontent and frustrated to living life with an invisible crown firmly placed on my head.

And if this is something you REALLY want support with - well that’s what I’m here to help you with.

If you're looking to make dramatic changes in your life, YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN will help you achieve this goal.

Here's what you will find inside this course:

🤍 Simple, digestable video lessons that you can watch in the cracks of your day

🤍 Step by step roadmaps that help you completely understand what you need to do to get from where you are now to where you want to go

Your story might look a little different from mine but it encompasses that same feeling of discontent within - this feeling that you are made for more and that you could be using your time here on Earth differently.

In a nutshell, you can completely change your life from this moment forward simply by making a decision to show up at the best version of yourself (whatever that looks like to you) in all the important areas of your life.

It all starts with making a decision.

A decision to invest in yourself and your life.

It's time to make a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Is this course worth the price?
If you don't do the work or simply forget about it, I can honestly say the course will be worth very little to you. BUT if you take the time to listen to all the lessons and do the exercises, the payoff will be almost priceless (for how do you put a price on showing up as the best version of yourself - which will probably result in more time, more joy, more energy, more money and so on? Honestly you can't!)
Does it require a lot of time to go through (I already don’t have enough time in my life)?
Oh my friend, the fact that you’re convinced that you don’t have enough time right now makes you the perfect person for this course. When you go through this course you will learn to be the CEO of your own life and run your days rather than having your days run you. Even though this course contains so much valuable information, like seriously it will blow your mind how much is inside, it’s a little like Netflix. You don’t need to watch every single show on Netflix each month to feel like you have gotten your value from it. You can either binge-watch all the videos or go at your own pace and revisit this course as often as you need to. There’s no right or wrong way to do this - the content is simply here to help you show up as the best version of yourself every day.
How will I know if it will work for me - I’ve bought courses in the past that I just forget about?
Well my friend I have to be honest with you - if you don’t even bother to listen to the lessons inside, then this course will be worth very little to you. BUT if you take the time to listen to all the modules at your own pace and apply them to your life, then the payoff will be a life that feels and actually is totally transformed.
But I don't have the money?
As of today the cost of YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN is only $297, even though the total value of the course with all its crazy bonuses is $2000. Please note there’s a good chance this will increase in the future. Given that this price is only a little higher than my one hour coaching fee and yet inside you receive hours and hours of video lessons and my heart and soul poured into the most jam-packed collection of resources for you to reference as often as you need to, I seriously feel like this is the bargain of the century. If you value your personal growth, grab it now because you are worth investing in and if you feel like money is an obstacle, I guess my question to you is: how can you find a way to make this investment possible for you - if you genuinely want the tools to help you show up as the best version of yourself every day? If you were resourceful, what options would you discover you have?
Is this change sustainable in the long term?
I love this question and here’s my simplest answer to you is this: Yes of course change is possible and sustainable long term - because once you change your thoughts about yourself, you literally kickstart the domino effect that leads to different results and change in your life.
How is it different from other courses?
Well number one it’s different because I created it. When it comes to every single course or product I have ever created in my biz my goal has been to overdeliver like crazy and provide you with zero fluff, only lessons that lead to new results in your life. All of the lessons were created from my experience as a life coach and this is exactly what I would share with you today if we were sitting across from each other having a one-on-one life coaching session. Put simply, even if you’re lacking belief in yourself, even if you feel like change isn’t possible for you, I have your back, in fact I have a crazy amount of belief in you, to get you started and carry you along the way. I genuinely can’t wait for you to make this investment, in yourself and your life so you can start showing up as the best version of yourself in life.


Get started now!

Your Instructor

Frances Vidakovic
Frances Vidakovic

Frances Vidakovic is a certified life coach for goal getters, host of the INSPIRING LIFE SCHOOL podcast, course creator and CEO of the award-winning website InspiringMomLife.

She helps women manage their mind, time and life better so that they live life without regret. Her superpower: transforming dreamers into doers.