How To Write A Book In 30 Days

35 Strategic, Foolproof Steps To Get Your Digital eBook Complete In One Month

Yes Let's Write This Book!

Hey all my wanna-be authors and digital product creators!

If you have ever thought I WOULD LOVE TO WRITE A BOOK BUT IT'S WAY TOO HARD then you need to ditch that thinking ASAP.

That limiting belief is seriously not serving you at all.

It's actually that thought that it's TOO HARD TO WRITE A BOOK that has been holding you back all this time.

It's finally time to change your thought to: WRITE A BOOK IS POTENTIALLY REALLY EASY and get you started on this goal.

If you're looking for a comprehensive yet simple step-by-step course on how to write a non-fiction ebook in 30 days, you have come to the right place.

As an author of over 20 books, I know what it takes to get you over the finish line.

I have felt your frustration.

I have felt those feelings of stress and overwhelm.

And you can't write or take action when you are feeling this way (you seriously can't without driving yourself crazy).

With over 35 lessons, my course HOW TO WRITE A BOOK IN 30 DAYS is jam-packed with all the valuable STRATEGIC STEPS and a fool-proof plan to get your book written and complete in 30 days - all my secret tips laid out here for you to implement today!




This course is perfect for:

✔️ Anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book, even if you have no experience.

✔️ Bloggers and business owners, who wish to generate more passive income and add an additional income stream to their business via digital products.

✔️ Anyone who wishes to establish themselves as a leader and authority in their industry.

✔️News alert: Having a published book (a great one that is!) instantly gives you credibility, authority and establishes your expertise.

✔️ Or finally anyone who would like to publish a book to increase their visibility and further promote their services in their marketplace.

If you have a book sitting inside of you right now (which you surely do if you are reading this page), this course will help you take action in the simplest, most effective way possible.




So what makes me qualified to teach this course?

Well the reality is I practice what I preach.

FYI: That's me above - Frances Vidakovic

✔️ Author of over 20 books and course creator (with 40+ courses)

✔️ Host of the Inspiring Life School podcast

✔️ My Internet home is at for parenting content (which gets over one million pageviews a year and is the the winner of the BEST PARENTING BLOG AWARD 2019)

✔️ Plus my second website is for personal development content is the winner of the BEST PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BLOG AWARD 2021).

✔️ In addition to that, I'm a very normal mom of two teens, with a busy life here in Sydney, Australia (but I still always find - or MAKE - the time to write).

That being said I need to make this super clear to you:

Before I teach any course I make sure I have tested and retested the process myself so many times to make sure it works.

In fact, I have written the majority of my books in less than 30 days. So when people say it isn't possible, I love that I am living proof that it can be done.

Yes it requires commitment but the writing process itself is simple and IT WORKS.




Crazy fact: I once published 8 - yes 8 books in ONE YEAR!

✔️ I share this with you just so you know that writing a book in 30 days is indeed possible.

✔️ Please note - that isn't to say that I haven't struggled with writer's block and procrastination in the past. Of course I have - I am human!

✔️ But by following my plan in this course, I have managed to finally conquer those hurdles and achieve my writing goals.

✔️ As the host of the top-rated show INSPIRING LIFE SCHOOL and a certified life coach of over 20 years, my goal is to help YOU achieve your writing goals in the simplest way possible.

✔️ Stop thinking you can't do this and start thinking you can. Start to understand that your dreams won't ever just fall into your lap - YOU NEED TO ACTUALLY GET UP, TAKE ACTION and start making them happen.

✔️ There is no reason why you too can't write as many books as you desire! With this course in your hands, you can write one new book EVERY MONTH if you so desire. There is no limit to your writing potential.





✔️ Over 35 strategic lessons, which will clearly tell you the exact simple process to get your book completed in 30 days.

✔️ All the video content has been broken down into small bite-size pieces so that you can consume it on the go.

✔️ Inside this course I teach you everything you need to know STEP BY STEP - the secret is so simple, you could write a new book every month from hereon!

✔️ Lesson summaries provided as PDFs so that you can refer to them in the future, whenever you need a recap.

✔️ The encouragement, practical, super simple steps and a feasible roadmap to get your book completed within 30 days WITH EASE (have I mentioned yet that my secret strategy is SO EASY TO FOLLOW?).




Ask yourself now: what would that be worth to you? To be an author of a new book in 30 days?

✔️ Because it isn't just possible, it is almost guaranteed if you follow my simple process.

✔️ All in all this course will provide you with everything you need to start writing today, in the simplest way possible. (I keep reiterating that it is easy because hey, it seriously is!)

✔️ Once again, writing a book DOES NOT NEED to be hard. Let me make it as easy for you as possible.

✔️ Right now only 35 steps stand between you and your completed book.

✔️ No more excuses, no more procrastinating or second-guessing yourself. It’s time to take action.

✔️ So what are you waiting for?

✔️ Your goal of becoming a published author with a new digital product to sell is now within reach.

✔️ Let's make this happen! I can't wait to watch you succeed (because you will my friend xxx)





We all love a good bonus, don't we? This is exactly why I have included a special bonus inside to support you on your writing journey.


In this bonus 50 min workshop you will learn:

- What you need to THINK before you even start writing your book

- How to brainstorm an idea for a book in just 5 minutes

- How to validate your idea

- How to write a book that is actually profitable and sells



Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.
Is this course worth the price?
If you don't do the work or simply forget about it, I can honestly say the course will be worth very little to you. BUT if you take the time to listen to all the lessons and do the exercises, the payoff will be almost priceless (for how do you put a price on finally completing that book you have always dreamed of writing?)



If you're hesitating re: grabbing this course I just want you to know:

✔️ If you want to write a non-fiction book YOU CAN DO IT!

✔️ If you want to create a digital product, YOU CAN DO IT!

✔️ Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

✔️ You can do it over and over again, as often as you like.

✔️ You need to have faith and believe in yourself.

✔️ Great books have been written in 30 days or less TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

✔️ Writing books isn't supposed to be hard. You need to get over that inaccurate mindset. It isn't serving you at all!

✔️ Just imagine - in 30 DAYS you can have A NEW BOOK FINALLY WRITTEN and ready to prep to launch!

✔️ You can do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

✔️ Allow me to guide the way for you inside this course.

So let's get to work and get that book out of you. I'm here ready to help guide you every step of the way!




Your Instructor

Frances Vidakovic
Frances Vidakovic

Frances Vidakovic is a certified life coach for goal-getters, host of the INSPIRING MOM LIFE podcast, course creator and CEO of the award-winning website InspiringMomLife.

She helps ambitious women achieve their goals without sacrificing their family life or their sanity. Her superpower: transforming dreamers into doers.