When Your Worst Enemy Is YOU

How To Finally Get Out Of Your Own Way

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Ever feel like the real thing holding you back in life is not other people (as previously suspected) BUT YOU?

Here are a few ways to tell if you're self-sabotaging yourself in life:

You allow fear and doubt to constantly stop you from taking action

You procrastinate on doing the important stuff or settle for just "good enough"

You play it safe, resist change and fall prey to distractions

You think your past predicts your future and don't always have your own back

You hold onto bad habits and fail to set appropriate boundaries

Failure makes you want to give up and you care too much about what other people think

You experience lots of critical self-talk, consume crap and/or play it small

You waste precious mind space experiencing guilt, anger and/or worry

Your limiting beliefs keep you from making big, bold decisions in life

Or you unintentionally embrace other self-sabotaging behaviors (like perfectionism and expecting other people to change first) that keep you stuck in life

Does any of the above ring true for you?

If so, you're not alone and thankfully I have a solution for you.

My book WHEN YOUR WORST ENEMY IS YOU will show you exactly how to manage your mind when faced with the 35 most common internal obstacles that keep humans stuck and standing in their own way.

It will also provide you with a strategic game plan to master each sabotaging thought so that it no longer rules your entire life.

My one and only goal? To help you finally become your own BFF rather than your own worst enemy.

Let me show you exactly how to say goodbye to your self-sabotaging tendencies once and for all so that you can finally get out of your own way and truly succeed at creating the life you were born to live.

The first step to creating the results YOU WANT is to START BY GETTING OUT OF YOUR WAY.




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It's time for a quick introduction.

I'm Frances Vidakovic, a certified life coach turned course creator with a degree in psychology, CEO of the award-winning website InspiringMomLife.com and host of the INSPIRING MOM LIFE podcast.

I help ambitious women achieve their goals without sacrificing their family life or their sanity. My special superpower? It's transforming dreamers into doers.

Here's the truth: You CAN be where you are right now - any age, any financial circumstance, any relationship status and with any dream - and radically change your life the moment you decide to STOP SELF-SABOTAGING YOURSELF.

The coaching strategies I offer you inside WHEN YOUR WORST ENEMY IS YOU are not fluffy.

To the contrary, they were born as a result of 20 years of coaching experience and THEY WORK.

Here are all the self-sabotaging tendencies I will show you how to overcome inside this book:

🤍 Fear

🤍 Doubt

🤍 Procrastination

🤍 Fear

🤍 Conformity

🤍 Failing to set appropriate boundaries

🤍 Not being honest with yourself

🤍 Settling for "good enough"

🤍 Avoiding failure

🤍 Playing it safe

🤍 Resisting change

🤍 Falling prey to distractions

🤍 Consuming crap

🤍 Playing small

🤍 Thinking your past predicts your future

🤍 Not having your own back

🤍 Giving up

🤍 Guilt

🤍 Anger

🤍 Perfectionism

🤍 Critical self talk

🤍 Staying busy

🤍 Jealousy and Envy

🤍 Worry

🤍 Avoiding decisions

🤍 Limiting beliefs

🤍 Holding onto bad habits

🤍 Failing to take responsibility for your life

🤍 Assuming you're always right

🤍 Maintaining toxic relationships

🤍 Thinking everything needs to be hard

🤍 Not asking for help

🤍 Expecting people to change

🤍 Feeling constantly offended

🤍 Caring too much what other people think

🤍 Ignoring great advice

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